About my grandmother

lafabricadesombreros Fábrica de sombreros, proyección del El striptease de mi abuela, de Maria Llopis, Sevilla 2009.

My grandmother died the day before yesterday. She was the person who has loved me the most in this world. She was my mum, my dad, my friend, my all. I lived with her since I was a little child. She has always supported me. Everything I am I owe it to her.

I am very sad. But also very happy, because she was very ill during the last years of her life and now she is resting at last. I feel peace, in a way I have not felt since a long time. Starting a new phase of my life, full of joy.

PS Once I made a video for her: My grandmother´s striptease.

Wedding to the coal

Wedding to the Coal from Elizabeth Stephens on Vimeo.

In Annie Sprinkle words:

Yesterday we edited our Wedding to Coal, which we did in Gijon, Spain (coal country) three years ago. It was produced by Laboral Arts Center, curated by Pedro Solar (our art pimp daddy extraordinaire) and happened in public space at La Semana Negra–a sort of county fair! We asked for no material gifts, but welcomed the gift of collaboration in creating the wedding with usDiana Junyent (Diana POrnoterrorista) is responsible for producing this once in a life time dream wedding! Spain artists are so wild and free and powerful and passionate! We were blown away. Many of our performers had family members who died in coal mines or were effected by mining, so there is a real intense emotional component to this performance, also the people in the audience were very moved as well. We welcome your feedback on this video. Does it come across well? Is 5 minutes too long? Did we leave anyone out?! With: Cuco Suarez,Maria Llopis, Pedro Soler, Jaime Del Val, Laura Milano, Amber McBride, Graham Bell Tornado, Jorge Nava, CasiCasiotone, and others. (Please forward and post to others who were there.) The full list of credits is at loveartlab.org–search Wedding to Coal.

Gabriela Wiener entrevista a Sasha Grey

“No se preocupen, no he encontrado a Jesús”, fue la escueta frase que usó Sasha Grey para despedirse del porno —y de sus fans— a principios de 2011. El mundo perdía así a una de las más extremas cazadoras-recolectora de fluidos del cine X, pero ganaba a una mujer renacentista: cantante, poeta, DJ, modelo y, desde hace poco, novelista. Tú pide que Sasha te da. Tras rodar con Soderbergh The girlfriend experience (2009), le faltaba a Grey un protagónico de altura que la confrontara con la crítica y calmara las ansias de sus dolientes seguidores que aún la veneran y la lloran. Menos mal que la Sasha hardcore es tan eterna como Youporn. Ese momento llegó de la mano del director español Nacho Vigalondo, con quien rodó Open Window, un trhiller Hitchcock style pero en la era de las nuevas tecnologías. Algo así como La ventana indiscreta del s. XXI y con el ex hobbit Elijah Wood como partner. A continuación, un breve encuentro oral con la ex niña prodigio del porno, la actriz a la que con más estilo se le ha corrido el rimel por el esfuerzo.

Divinas. Haz clic aquí y disfruta de la entrevista.

El 24 de octubre es el día internacional sobre intersexualidad


“INTERSEXionality: What Everyone Can Do to Build an Intersex-Inclusive Society”

Intersex people – or those who are born with a mix of biological traits traditionally considered “male,” “female,” and/or atypical for either – are largely not recognized by societies and are commonly misconceptualized as having medical conditions. It is still relevant to discuss the “basics” – what intersex means, why intersex bodies are considered “controversial,” and why we need to end non-consensual, cosmetic medical “treatments” still routinely performed on intersex children.

But in order to successfully build an intersex-inclusive society, we must move beyond 101-level concepts to address the diversity of experiences intersex people have that make us who we are and acknowledge the intersections between intersexphobia and other forms of discrimination.

Join intersex activists Hida Viloria, Claudia Astorino, and Dalea Rundblad at Bluestockings Bookstore to discuss how 1) intersex identity and experience intersects with race, class, sexual orientation, and gender identity, 2) how these intersections affect how intersex people are conceptualized, medically “treated,” and (not) protected via legislation at different levels in societies, and 3) what we can all do right now to create an intersex-inclusive societies.

With Q&A to follow, discussion encouraged – we look forward to seeing you there!

This event is proudly a part of NYC’s Annual Intersex Awareness Day (IAD) Events, 2014. Check out our other event at NYU, on Fri, October 24th (6-8pm), here >>>

“Baby! Love your body!” by Poussy Draama & Fannie Sosa.

Hacía tiempo que no me sorprendía y maravillaba como lo he hecho hoy con este pedazo de vídeo. Se trata de un vídeo explicando el sexo a los niños, y es absolutamente maravilloso. A Roc le ha encantado también, claro. La parte de la cascada para explicar las eyaculaciones es preciosa. Y como enseñan a respetar y a esperar el momento en el que se está preparado. Y como presentan el coño como un lugar acogedor y precioso.

Os lo recomiendo encarecidamente si tenéis niños, y si no, también.

Yo amo a estas mujeres!

“Baby! Love your body!” is a TV show for kids created by Poussy Draama & Fannie Sosa.

This is a platform to exchange thoughts on how to talk to children about sexuality, consent, respect and compassion.
Our belief is that decolonization and critical thinking needs to be a language we speak with our kids from the beginning.
Let’s create body positive narratives for children together!

You can talk to us HERE : http://babyloveyourbody.tumblr.com

or THERE : http://facebook.com/groups/babyloveyo…

This video has been made by and with :

Jean Bonneau, Annie aka Merci Michel, Wanda, Valentin Bigel, Soa de Muse, Ana Pi, Daviel Shy, Stephanie Acosta, Heidi Loukoum, Felix, Rita, Quentin Leroy, Labanna Babalon, Gilda, Vness Wolfchild, Poussy Draama & Fannie Sosa.